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    Enjoy The Motorcycle Race

    If you want to watch the motorcycle race, an feel the civilization of its, you should go to a place where have long history about motorcycle race, just like the motorcycle exhibitions , the famous MILAN exhibition and the Munich exhibitions,if you are in the scene,the atmosphere is very hot, so nervous and excited,but they are all foreign motorcycle exhibitions , our common person cant enjoy it , just through the TV and the Internet, actually, on November of every year, you can go to Hongkong for an exhibition of motor in its street, it has many parts, such as new motor show ,trick cycling performance and experience the riding.and so on, so lucky , if you are in Macao , you can enjoy the hot motorcycle race of city. The motorcycle race in Macao including formula-3 racing , super touring
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    Absolute Necessity For A Bike Rider

    While riding a bike, motorcycle goggles are a highly useful accessory. Whether you are driving daily to your office or indulging in sports events like bike racing, these eyeglasses come in handy. There are several reasons which make these eyeglasses a a must-have for any biker. Protection to eyes from foreign particles: These eye-wear prevent the eyes from foreign particles falling into the eye. It prevents dust flowing with the wind to enter into your eye and also pebbles which can cause a huge damage to the eye. Tailor-made for people wearing prescription glasses: People who wear prescription glasses can get their prescription lens fitted into the motorcycle goggles. Thus, they too can look stylish and while wearing these motorcycle goggles.Withstand different weather conditions: These
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    Racing Dreams

    Racing Dreams is actually a coming-of-age story disguised as a racing movie. I think that pre-adolescence is probably the most important, poignant and under-explored stage in our lives. It’s really when we are beginning to figure out who we are, how we relate to our parents, what romance feels like, and what we want to do. I hope that this movie will take people back to that age, and remind us of the dreams we had - to be President, or a baseball player, or wherever our imagination took us. Back before we knew about the importance of money or connections or how hard things were going to be, and we just dreamed. Fondly described as “Talladega Nights meets The Catcher in the Rye,” Racing Dreams is a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look at the world of NASCAR c


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