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    The Lovely Motor of Happiness 250

    I chanced upon a motor of happiness 250, I feel so excited, the motor is my fathers,by the way, it has along time in my home, because my father bought it when he is young, in 1985, now is 2013,you can image that, a motor friend described the 250 in his house,the motor he acrossed. The dusty motor, hide the long history in it. Lets see the period.to know it better. At first, in 1958, the Aircraft manufacturing company of Nanchang decided to make a plane denpengding on the model of JAWA 250 that made in Czechoslovakia ,imitate its shape, the result is ,yes, the make it successful, then make a test drive, and the feeling and every technical parameter is meet the standard, in 1960, the bicycle manufactory get the Design draft of happiness 250 of the Aircraft manufacturing company of Nanchang
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    Racing Dreams

    Racing Dreams is actually a coming-of-age story disguised as a racing movie. I think that pre-adolescence is probably the most important, poignant and under-explored stage in our lives. It’s really when we are beginning to figure out who we are, how we relate to our parents, what romance feels like, and what we want to do. I hope that this movie will take people back to that age, and remind us of the dreams we had - to be President, or a baseball player, or wherever our imagination took us. Back before we knew about the importance of money or connections or how hard things were going to be, and we just dreamed. Fondly described as “Talladega Nights meets The Catcher in the Rye,” Racing Dreams is a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look at the world of NASCAR c
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    Air-cooled Motor And Water-cooled Motor

    Air-cooled, it weighs an impressive 120 lb/55kg with alloy castings-Crigihton wanted magnesium cases to lose more weight had time and budget permitted-but the 1989 water-cooled motor will be lighter, at around 100lb/45kg, thanks to lighter castings and no fins. Even with radiator, water pump etc, the whole bike will scale 15lb/7kg less than the current 320lb/145 kg. The water-cooled engine will also be smaller, permitting the chassis to be more compact. Take a look at the numbers - the 1989 Norton racer: 588cc, 135kg, 140bhp plus, three moving engine parts that hardly wear. Now check out a current factory GP500, a little over 150bhp and 130kg. That’s not all, because the RC588 engine is a gem, all this, and an engine that gives power from nowhere to anywhere. Crighton’s porti


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