The Lovely Motor of Happiness 250

3 Aug 2013

I chanced upon a motor of happiness 250, I feel so excited, the motor is my fathers,by the way, it has along time in my home, because my father bought it when he is young, in 1985, now is 2013,you can image that, a motor friend described the 250 in his house,the motor he acrossed. The dusty motor, hide the long history in it. Lets see the know it better.

At first, in 1958, the Aircraft manufacturing company of Nanchang decided to make a plane denpengding on the model of JAWA 250 that made in Czechoslovakia ,imitate its shape, the result is ,yes, the make it successful, then make a test drive, and the feeling and every technical parameter is meet the standard, in 1960, the bicycle manufactory get the Design draft of happiness 250 of the Aircraft manufacturing company of Nanchang from motor manufactory of Beijing. And make the first 15 motor of happiness 250, its the most earlier type of happiness 250 in the world. And the other type is XF250, it depend on the motor type of foreign , this XF250 make a contribution to the army.

From 1960 to 1995, this motor attracts the attention of so many consumers ,because it has reliable usability and low repairment rate ,for this reason, it has also become more population quickly in the world. But , in the early year, low income let the motor become a high consumer good, gradually , it is also a symbol for identity. And I will introduce the characteristic of 250 , firstly , its engine use two-stroke gasoline engine. The speed is medium , easy to handle and is serviceable , second, Use the churning oil, the admixture of engine oil and gasoline, the scale is one to thirty .

With the development od motor market , more and more motor types occured, the XF 250 has been behind the times, such as the technology and design ,all are out-of-date, many disadvantage appeared , for example, it is is heavy on oil. The weight is heavy too, not light and handy, and the safety is not good, and ,now, some scome consumers like to buy chinese atv parts online, so the XF 250 has been disappeared in the motor market. Undoubtedly , the XF250 and Happiness 250 is a classical type of motor, it has a status that no any motor can instead it in the motor market, because it improve the development of motor in the 60s. It has a big influence on motor industry, even in consumers heart, it has leaved a deep impression on them, when referred to XF250, they all remember that the charming shape, maybe its a little large, but its so beautiful.

To do a summarize, even through the motor manufactory dont produce the XF 250 , but some motor friends collect the XF250, as a memory of a period,it always in our heart, our lovely or charming XF250, we like you ,the beautiful lady.

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