Casey Stoner Blasts Valentino Rossi Over Return To Yamaha

24 Jul 2013

Rossi will saddle up again with Yamaha after a failed campaign with Ducati, on which Stoner won his first world title before switching to Honda.Stoner has accused Rossi of failing to ride the bike to its limits and castigated the multiple world champion and his Australian crew chief Jeremy Burgess for boasting they could produce a Ducati on which “any rider could win.”

“Jerry saying that it would take him 80 seconds to fix that bike and that it was a simple issue and now they have had almost two years and have not made any inroads.”Valentino obviously doesn’t want to push limits and ride a bike that is not perfect, he has admitted that.”Obviously he doesn’t want to put the effort in with Ducati.”

There have been months of tensions with Rossi citing a lack of development work by Ducati engineers while he has floundered to master the unique style of the bike.”I just feel completely sorry for Ducati that Valentino has gone there and done nothing, but complain about the bike for almost two years,” Stoner said.

“The amount of times that guy has had to eat his words is not funny, but people still forgive him for it.”Rossi will now have to take the backseat behind his rival, Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo.”Our main investment is in Jorge and he is the No.1 candidate to be champion both this year and next year. He is our No.1 rider,” said Yamaha MotoGP boss Lin Jarvis.

Stoner will quit when he is at the top. Rossi has already lost that opportunity. How can he not have a right of reply.And given the changes being made in MotoGP , I’m not surprised he is walking away. Bayliss and Stoner true champions, what a shame both will no longer be seen winning races all over the world.Good luck Casey, you served Australia very, very, well. I hope you to see you back racing in 12-18 months, you know your going to miss the buzz?

When Ducati had to stop a factory effort in WSBK just to fund a certain Rossi, of course there would be some comments made about his inability to adapt to anything that wasnt yam or honda. Rossi’s effort in 2 seasons has been flacid at best. ask Uccio about it. The rest of you yellow t-shirt wearers are nothing more than “fans” that have no real concept of what its all about except the after race celebration. what a joke. Give me a focussed racer who likes going fast at all costs any day. Stoner doesnt want to ride a slow as piece of poo CRT production bike. Thats why hes over it.

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