Car Juddering In Low Gears

22 Jul 2013

I think that is your problem, you are shifting to soon and lugging the engine, which is not good. if you give it too much gas at to low of PRM, it will buck on you.Your owners manual should give a range of when to shift gears. If you do not have an owners manual, they should be available for down load for free, at the manufactures web site.

In my neighborhood the speed limit is 25 MPH/40KPH, I probably be in second gear with very little gas pedal applied. If it takes 2,000 RPM to go 20 MPH in 2nd gear you need to be pretty close to that (or slightly higher) when shifting to 2nd (if you are at that MPH when shifting). I was told it was because i wasn’t putting acceleration down, but my mates car’s dont do this, and the car i learnt it didnt do this. It vibrated, but not as much as my car does.

I’m still practising on stopping it from juddering, it doesn’t happen all the time now so i think it’s something i’m doing, someone else drove my car today and it wasn’t happening for them so it must be me! I don’t understand how people pull of in first gear so fast and then gear to 2nd without it jerkin!I think i’m going to take it to a garage to get my clutch looked at, hopefully they dont charge for just looking at it!

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The high biting point indicates a worn clutch disc and is most often fixed with a simple adjustment. But, I am seeing your car as “auto adjusting” or “self adjusting”. Even if you could adjust your clutch, there will come a time when adjustment will not do the trick and replacement is needed.




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