Car Modifications

15 Jul 2013

Our design must be easily removable as well as adhere to safety regulations and considerations. The product must be able to be adjusted and maintained by the client. The product must only extend the controls necessary to drive without inhibiting performance of the vehicle.

We are going to use cushions to properly position the client in the seat so he can look out of the car normally and see all the mirrors with an unobstructed view. The steering wheel extension will consist of 2-3 knobs mounted symmetrically on the steering wheel to give the client access to the wheel at the upper half of rotation. For the turn signal, we will bring the lever closer to the steering wheel using a paddle shifter design.

The gas pedals will be mounted on a platform to raise the floorboard to where the client can rest his feet and operate the pedals normally. The platform will be secured to the floor using Velcro or some other means. The pedals will slide in a slotted track that allows forward and aft adjustment. There will be an adjustable link to “fine tune” the distance from the raised pedals to the car’s pedals. A metal bracket and strap will secure the link to the car’s pedals. The gear selector extension will be secured to the shifter using a metal bracket and strap. A “brake and caliper” design will be used to depress the button on the shifter.

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