Realize Mother’™s Dream

5 Jul 2013

My mom has a dream, she want to travel around world, so we decided to travel with her and help her realize her dream. First ,we choose a place to play, its Thailand.but the most important thing is how we go there? You cant guess. We go there by motor. Its so cool .am I right ?

All is prepared, lets go. When we finally reach the destination, we feel so tired, because the bad road , my mom said: its like on the roller coaster. We all laughed. The time we get there is dusk. We must find a hotel ,yes ,we find one after asking many hotels around whole town. Thank god. We have a good rest in this hotel, it have good environment , Enthusiastic and hospitable people .we ask them some information about this place and they suggest us to visit the Long-necked tribe .they said ,if we dont go ,it will be a pity.

We end our short trip about 7 days. Now here i am so glad to share my experience with you.when you get there,You’d better find a hotel named GUESTHOURCE or LODGE. Because they have full experience about how to recept foreign guests, good spoken english ,and they are familiar with tourist resources around the town. You can also get a map of local, there are two language on it ,english and Thailand dialect, at last ,let me say, we love mortor , very much.

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