Comparison Of Comfort Bikes

27 May 2013

Purpose A comfort bike works well for recreational riders looking for an upright riding position, according to Dick’s Sporting Goods. As the name suggests, this model of bike is meant to offer a comfortable ride by providing a wide seat and wide tires. You might enjoy a comfort bike for riding with the family, doing errands or other casual bike-riding purposes. The bikes work best on generally flat terrain and paved surfaces. A comfort bike can go over some bumps and rough terrain, but a mountain bike or hybrid is usually a better option for frequent off-road riding.

FrameA bike that is too large or small makes riding uncomfortable and might result in an accident. Comfort bikes come in a standard 26-inch size, so you should test out this size to make sure it is a comfortable option for you. You should be able to stand over the bar of the comfort bike with both feet flat on the floor and have at least an inch of clearance.

The frames of comfort bikes come in different materials, including steel, aluminum and composites. Aluminum and composite bike frames are generally more expensive, but they are lighter and stronger. Steel is usually more affordable, but it weighs more and can rust if you don’t take care of it. Inspect the construction of the frame no matter what material you choose. A sturdy bike is a better investment, regardless of the material type.

MechanicsEven though you won’t be riding in a race on your comfort bike, you want a model that performs well for a smooth and comfortable ride. The suspension on the wheels and seats of comfort bikes helps to absorb the impact from bumps in your path. Comfort bikes usually have a suspension fork that uses coil springs or elastomers to absorb the bumps,The gear options also vary from one comfort bike to the next, both in the number of gears and the method of shifting. Some comfort bikes include a display to show you the gear you are currently in. Test the shifting on the bike before making your purchase.

Brakes that are efficient and reliable increase your safety when you ride. Comfort bikes usually have either rim or hub brakes. The rim breaks, sometimes called V-brakes, work well under a variety of conditions. Hub brakes are ideal if you will ride your comfort bike under less rigorous conditions. The brakes also need special attention when you test out the bike. Make sure you can easily engage the brakes on the bike you choose.

ComfortSince the purpose of the comfort style is a relaxing ride, the comfort level of each model is another comparison factor. Testing out the bike at the store gives you an idea of which model is the most comfortable for you. The seat on a comfort bike is wide and padded for a more comfortable ride. The seats might also have cutouts to avoid numbness, springs for cushioning or gel pads. Bike seats are replaceable if the one on the bike doesn’t feel right. Adjustments to the seat and handlebar position can also help with the comfort level.

ConsiderationsA budget is a consideration when selecting a comfort bike, but investing more initially might offer you a higher quality, more comfortable bike. A warranty or the ability of the bike shop to handle repairs might also influence your decision when purchasing a comfort bike. To a lesser degree, the design of the bike plays a role in your selection.

If you like the comfort aspect of this model but want more efficiency and flexibility, a hybrid bike is an option. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, 200cc dirt bike parts,diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.




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